How Proper Attic Insulation Helps Your Roof

attic insulation

How Proper Attic Insulation Helps Your Roof

Roof performance is more than just durable roofing shingles. To maximize the performance and durability of your roof, you will need a complete roofing solution that includes ventilation and attic insulation products.

These elements combine to offer additional comfort and support:

  • Increase the lifespan of your roof
  • Reduce your heating and cooling expenses
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduced Roof Problems By Attic Ventilation + Insulation

Combining attic insulation with a balanced ventilation scheme keeps heat and moisture out of your home. This ensures that the temperature and conditions are maintained at the right level throughout the year.

Heat and moisture trapped in your attic can cause serious damage to your roof or home.

  • Water runoff is prevented by Ice dams
  • Premature roof material failure
  • Roof deck with a wet, wood-sagging roof
  • Metal rust (nailheads)
  • Mold, spores and fungi
  • Interior damage

What Is Attic Ventilation?

Attic ventilation is about keeping the conditioned air in the house, and away from the attic. Proper ventilation helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your home’s attic. Proper ventilation allows for natural air flow and manages moisture.

Properly ventilated attics in cold temperatures help to reduce ice dams, and reduce frost buildup in attics. In hot temperatures, however, they can also be used to minimize excessive heat and moisture.

Ventilation: The ABCs

Three fundamental principles are essential for proper ventilation. These are often referred to as “The ABCs” of ventilation in the construction industry.

  • A = Ample Amount
  • B = Balanced
  • C = Control Air Flow

A = Ample Amount

International Residential Code (IBC), and International Building Code (IRC), require a minimum ventilation ratio (one square foot of vent space for every 150 square feet attic/roof) of 1:50. The ratio can be decreased to 1:1300 if certain conditions are met, such balanced ventilation. For specific requirements, check local codes. Owens Corning recommends that you use a ratio of 1:150 with balanced intake-exhaust ventilation to achieve the best results.

It is important to have enough vent space. Where the vent area on the roof is equally important.

Balance is essential in order to maintain a healthy system.

B = Balanced

Proper ventilation requires a balance between intake and exhaust vents (50% intake, 50% exhaust). The exhaust vents, typically located near the roof’s ridge or off-ridge vents, pull air from the attic. This creates negative pressure and a vacuum in the attic.

Negative pressure is a real pain.

Install intake vents in the soffits, or on the roof slope below the eaves. You should have at least equal intake ventilation to balance out the exhaust ventilation. Otherwise, the negative pressure can pull air from your home. This means that the air you have paid to heat and cool your home is being drawn into your attic via cracks in walls, ceilings, lighting fixtures, and/or joints within the framing. It can make your home uncomfortable and waste your money.

The balance of airflow helps keep the conditioned air in the house and away from the attic.

C = Control Air Flow

Insulating and air sealing an attic space properly can prevent conditioned air from entering the attic. This will make it more comfortable. Attic insulation helps save money on heating and cooling costs and maintains the right temperature in your attic. A thick layer of attic insulation keeps the heat out of your attic in winter and in summer.

You must seal any roof leaks, in addition to insulation.

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