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Roof Repair

If your roof has a leak, things can only get worse if you ignore it or put it off. In fact, it could result in mold or, rot, and damage the inside of your home. So waiting is not the answer, calling the roof repair professionals at KCG Roofing is the solution.

Our professional roofers are on call 24/7 to provide emergency roof repair services. In addition to emergency roof repairs, we handle storm and wind damage repairs, leak repairs, flashing repairs, fascia repairs, mortar repairs, damaged tile or shingle replacement and roof vent cleaning.

Asphalt roofs, the most common, have an average life expectancy of 20 years, but can be as little as 10 years in the punishing heat of Florida. Tile roofs, wood shingle and metal roofs have much longer life expectancies.

Check your roof for cracked, curled or broken shingles. Look for rust spots on the flashing. Tree branches on or near your roof can rub against and damage your roof. Check your walls and ceilings for dark water stains. Check your gutters. If you have asphalt roof, do you see granules from your shingles that have loosened over time?

Check your attic for signs of a leaky roof. The most obvious sign would be light from the outside shining through, but you can also check for water stains or mold on the beams supporting your roof. It’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the leak since obstacles such as insulation can divert the flow of water. Leaks can occur around roof vents as the seals can degrade over time and allow rain to enter. Another source of leaks isn’t caused by water, but rather by poor ventilation – dry rot of the underlying plywood which can then cause the shingles above to sag, crack and leak. Other sources of leaks include flashing, skylights and roof boots. Faulty nailing of shingles can be another culprit. A ridge where two roofs meet and water funnels can be vulnerable as well.

We are highly experienced at finding the source of the leak and assessing the damage and recommending a solution. Often, a minor repair is all that is needed. However, if the roof is old, the leak just may a symptom of further failure.

Nobody should ever walk on your tile roof other than a state certified roofing contractor such as Kennedy Construction Groups. Tile can easily crack or break if stepped on improperly.

There is a difference in roofers. Choose wisely.
Not all roofers are the same. We have been family owned and operated for over 40 years, and uphold unparalleled high standards for professionalism, reliability and craftsmanship. If you have a structural problem beneath your roof, our carpentry pros can handle it with the same quality and expertise. Contact us today for your next roof repair, tile roof, shingle roof, flat roof or wind mitigation needs.  

The dark truth about the Sunshine State
Having a good roof over your head is important wherever you live, but perhaps even more so when you live in Florida, with the extreme heat, tropical rains, and of course, the threat of hurricanes.

We have been installing quality tile, asphalt shingle, and flat roofs for decades here in Florida, where we work and live. We know from experience what holds up and what you need to weather the storms.  You can also count on us for excellent maintenance and repair of all these types of roofs.

Roof cleaning services in West Central Florida
Particularly in Florida, algae, dirt or mold can stain your roof over time. We can restore the appearance of your tile roof to look like it did when it was new.  We use an environmentally friendly formula that will not harm your plants or pets. Periodic roof cleaning can maintain the value of your home, increase its curb appeal, and keep your homeowners association happy.

Components of a quality roof
A quality roof should have many key components. A good underlayment between the shingles and sheathing is vitally important. Flashing is essential as well to seal areas where roofing features meet to help direct water away. Proper venting is critical at both the ridge and the eaves. And gutters are valuable in keeping moisture from the sheathing.

Causes of leaks on tile roofs
There can be any number of factors contributing to leaks on tile roofs, aside from a lack of underlayment. Have you let debris build up in your gutters? It can cause rainwater to back up under your roofing tiles and saturate or rot the underlayment. This can cause a leak. Has the mortar at the ridge or hips of your roof cracked or disintegrated? This can let rainwater in. Tile roofs can also leak during very windy or rainy weather, as water can blow in beneath the tiles.

Have some tiles slipped out of place? Due to age or weather, tiles can sometimes slip out of place, allowing rainwater in. Has anyone been up there to install an antenna, satellite dish, solar equipment, skylight or gutters? People other than qualified roofers are often unaware of how to walk on tile roofs without cracking tiles. This can lead to leaks.

Where the flashings installed right? If your underlayment was installed incorrectly, or the tiles were installed without proper head lap, the underlayment can deteriorate faster than it should.

Things that can get under your tile roof, including rain, leaves, dirt, birds or animals and their nests, and insects like wasps and bees can eventually compromise your roofing system’s ability to keep water out.


Causes of leaks on asphalt roofs
The granules that cover asphalt shingles and help protect them can become dislodged during storms, weakening the roof. Excess UV light or moisture trapped beneath moss can also cause the shingles to begin to break down prematurely, causing the edge of the shingles to curl and corners to let water in. Impact from hail stones or tree branches can also crack or break the shingles, which can cause a leak. Shingles that have not been properly installed may also come loose or break free, which can also lead to water damage.

When it comes to a quality roof installation, it is important to have the first row of shingles, also called the starter course, installed right. Otherwise, wind can affect the roofing material by generating uplift pressure that can tear apart the shingles. This is critical for a good shingle installation.

When nailing down shingles, it is also important to install the nails at the right location, angle and spacing. The pitch of your roof and the wind conditions in your area will also dictate how many nails to use and where.  Nailing the shingle too high can allow wind to get under it, nailing the shingle too low will expose nails to the elements, and nailing the shingle through the sealant strip can compromise the seal. Improper nailing is one of the biggest causes of roof failures in storms.

When shingle roof leaks, it is normally due to an improper valley, hip or ridge cap. Roof valleys, in particular, channel a lot of water, so they require careful attention.

Causes of leaks on flat roofs
A main reason for failure of these traditional roofs is ignorance or lack of maintenance where people or events cause the gravel to be moved or removed from the roof membrane, commonly called a built-up roof, thus exposing it to weather and sun. Cracking and blistering occurs and eventually water gets in.

Flat roofs tend to be sensitive to human traffic. Anything which produces a crack or puncture in the waterproofing membrane can quite readily lead to leaks. Another common reason for failure of flat roofs is lack of drain maintenance where gravel, leaves and debris block water outlets (be they spigots, drains, downpipes or gutters).

Leaks can be sneaky
What you think may be one leak may actually be two or more. That’s because water will travel the path of least resistance – which may be to that one spot where you detect a leak.

Your roof might have two or more actual leaks originating from different areas on your roof, but all lead to the same spot, leading you to think you only have one leak. Once the most obvious leak is repaired, it’s not uncommon for the other traveling leak areas to then show up.

Due to the factors above, the underlayment on your roof may need to be replaced (or installed for the first time if you don’t have an underlayment.)

If this is the case, we will make every effort to remove and save the tiles for reinstallation once new underlayment and battens have been installed. It’s nearly impossible keep them all intact. Sometimes it is possible to take original tiles and exchange them for tiles that need replacing in high-visibility areas, like the front of the home.

It is very difficult to match colors when the tiles come from different runs. Colors and shades come and go all the time and manufacturers change colors fairly frequently.

Other repairs, from fascia to flashing
In addition to repairing the roof tiles or shingles, we also make repairs to other key areas of your roofing system, including the flashing, the fascia, the mortar and roof vents.

A fascia covers the front of a soffit. It gives your roof’s edge a finished look and serves as a mount for gutters. Gutters can pull away from rotting fascia boards and soffits, causing water to penetrate and damage your home’s interior.

It is important to keep your gutters in proper working order. Damaged or missing gutters can cause serious water damage. It can cause rot, ruin fascia boards and siding, and even can create problems with your foundation.

Our roofing experts are well trained to evaluate the condition of these components and recommend repairs where necessary.

We stand by our customers. We back our work.
You are our number one priority from the moment you call us to the time your project is complete. When you choose one of our Owens Corning roofs, we back it with a 50-Year Platinum Warranty that includes materials and labor. In addition, we are so confident in our workmanship that we also give you an in-house leak guarantee as well. While we cover your home with a beautiful roof, most importantly, we cover you.

Financing available
Easy payment options. No credit check. No prepayment penalties.
Senior and military discounts available.
To keep monthly payments low, you can finance for up to 25 years

Where quality is a family tradition
Owner Gene Kennedy has more than 25 years of experience as a contractor and builder. Our roofs are backed by a 15-year leak-free guarantee, the highest in the industry. and we offer 100% satisfaction.