Wind Damage On Roofs

Wind Damage on Roofs

Wind Damage On Roofs

Leaks, missing shingles and gutter problems can all be caused by high winds. Different roofing problems are not directly related to wind. Today’s post is by Kennedy Roofing, a local roofing company. Here we discuss a few facts regarding wind damage to roofs.

Damaged Shingles Aren’t Always Visible

The development of creases in your roof can be caused by sustained and heavy winds. Strong winds can cause shingle sections to be broken off and carried downwind. This happens in areas such as the hips, ridges, and eaves of the roof that are most vulnerable to high winds. Shingle failure is usually found at the top of the exposed area.

Wind damage to roofs will cause creases, and tearing of shingles. Kennedy Roofing is a trusted local roofer that will give you a thorough roof inspection. To prevent more damage, perform roof repairs immediately.

Shingles With Insufficient Adhesion Needed To Be Repaired

Shingle adhesive can fail for many reasons. Manufacturing defects, incorrect installation, deterioration, aging, installations on low temperatures, adhesive contamination and thermal cycling are all possible reasons shingle adhesive fails. 

The Empirical Tests Are Accurately Identified Shingle Strength Reduction after a Storm Event

ASTM D7158, or the Standard Test Method for Asphalt Shingles Wind Resistance, is an easy and reliable method to determine a shingle’s strength after a storm. This method compares field-measured strengths with the manufacturer’s rating.

Manufacturers must calculate the uplift forces using independent laboratory test results. Laboratories that can perform ASTM D7158 testing, however, are rare and often expensive. Some may use different methods to calculate the design and/or intended uplift forces. However, there are no other tests that can be used to verify the accuracy of ASTM D7158.

Also, wind damage assessment should consider the location of the damaged shingles, the patterns and direction of the unsealed slopes, as well as the wind direction during the storm.

Kennedy Roofing is your best roof company for storm damage assessment. The Haag-Certified Residential Roofing Inspectors have been trained to understand the interaction between hail and wind on roofing. For a free estimate, call us and complete our online application. We serve homeowners in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas.

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