Will Roofing Insurance Cover My New Roof?

Roofing Insurance

Will Roofing Insurance Cover My New Roof?

Many homeowners are in the same boat: they need to replace their roof and don’t know if their roofing insurance will cover it. The answer is quite simple. The roof will be repaired by your insurance company if it is damaged due to an accident or natural disaster, but they won’t cover replacements due to age. The owner of the property will typically be responsible for replacing a roof that is not ready to be replaced due to its age. Lets see why:

How does roof coverage work?

Your roof is probably the most important component of your home. Your roof protects you from the sun’s rays, rain, wind, and other weather. A solid roof is essential during hurricane season in Florida.

Because roof damage can happen from any direction, it is important to be prepared. While homeowners may expect to lose a few shingles, wind damage, or other issues, they should also consider the possibility of trees overturning, power lines falling, and even fires.

These events are not your fault, so your homeowner’s roofing insurance policy will cover them. If your roof is damaged by one of these events, many roofing insurance claims will pay for the partial or total replacement.

There are always exceptions to the rule. Your roof’s age will determine how much coverage you get, even if your roof has been damaged. You will not be eligible for the replacement cost if your roof is more than twenty years old.

Is your roofing insurance policy deductible? This is a deductible that you will need to pay before your coverage kicks in? Many insurance companies in Florida have a higher hurricane-related damage deductible. Make sure you review your policy to avoid any surprises when replacing your roof.

Things to keep in mind

Although it’s not ideal to see your roof fall, these are the types of situations that usually get full coverage. You will only be able to argue for full coverage if the damage is not as severe. Your insurance company might not consider it essential if there was a storm that ripped through your town, for example. It may be a cosmetic problem. The insurance company might insist that you pay. You would not be allowed to have your roof replaced even if your home has suffered water damage (such as to your floors or walls), Only damage to the interior would be covered.

Get reimbursed for your roof replacement

Insurance companies often have a cut-off that prohibits them from covering roofs older than twenty-five. Other exclusions may be added to your policy, such as the exclusion of certain materials or exclusions due to neglect of a roof.

To ensure that your insurance company covers your roof claims, you will need to contact your insurance company and request an inspection. They will inspect your roof and provide an estimate of the cost to your insurance company. Preparing for the inspection is important by gathering as many documents as you can. You will need to have your homeowner’s policy, receipts for any work you have done, and any photos of your roof before the inspection. Your case will be assessed more efficiently if you are prepared.

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