Skylight Repair With KCG

skylight repair

Skylight Repair With KCG

Skylights can add a dramatic atmosphere to your rooms. These skylight windows will add character and style to your space if you let natural light through the ceiling. Sometimes, there could be leaks in the windows that need your attention. Kennedy Roofing talks about skylight repair and what those common solutions might be.

These are common solutions for skylight repair.

  1. Replace your flashing. Flashing is placed on the roof to prevent leaks from developing near the sides. To stop your skylight from leaking, you need top-quality metal flashing. Even the most durable flashing will eventually wear faster than other elements of your roof.
  2. Make sure you check the insulation. Warm air can freely flow from the house if there is not enough insulation. Condensation occurs when warm air touches glass panes. This is the same issue as the one above. Rain can also enter poorly insulated spaces, causing problems with the insulation.
  3. Replacing weather seals: Weather seals provide waterproof protection and support for all elements of the roof to prevent leakage. These weather seals can become worn down from the Florida sun, mainly because they are exposed to the Florida sun. This is an easy fix that takes just a few minutes.
  4. Skylight replacement: If you see cracks in your skylight, replacement is required. Cracked glasses could be the reason your skylight is leaking. Hailstorms are one of the most common causes for skylight leakage. Chipping can often be caused by small hailstones. Minor damage over time can get worse. A single direct hit from a larger rock can cause cracks.

Condensation in skylight leakage

High humidity can lead to condensation, which can drip down the skylight glasses. This is more likely if the air conditioner is used frequently to make the home comfortable. Condensation can result from the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures. Condensation can be caused by a skylight that is leaking. It is easy to fix. An anti-fogging solution can be used to remove condensation buildup and prevent moisture dripping through. It is worth having the skylight checked by professionals.

Common fixes

Sometimes, the skylight leaking problem can be persistent. You will notice the problem when it rains. Skylight leakage can be caused by poor installation. You must ensure that the skylight windows are properly fitted to the opening. You will soon experience leakage if this is not done correctly. This problem can also occur after a few months or weeks, when the flashing starts to show wear.

As time passes, the chances of discovering that your skylights are leaky increase. Rain can enter through cracks in the glass, or seep into the skylight edges. This could be due to warping over time. It is not surprising that skylights can leak even in dry weather. Kennedy Roofing and Carpentry Inc is the best place to go if you need skylight repair in Palm Harbor FL.

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