Roofing Technology Trends

Roofing Technology

Roofing Technology Trends

We are now in the new year and we have new resolutions to make, or at least keep. All homeowners can make a resolution to inspect and maintain their roofs with updated roofing technology more efficiently in the New Year. This will help prevent any structural damage to their homes.

2021 may have given us more time, which has meant that we have had to manage household maintenance and repairs as necessary. There have been remarkable advances in roofing repair and replacement. These advancements will make your next repair or replacement easier and more affordable. Continue reading to learn more about the hot topics in roofing repair and replacement for 2022 and why roof maintenance with new roofing technology should be a priority.

Virtual presentation

You want a beautiful new look for your home but aren’t sure if you can commit to it because you don’t know what it will look like. Virtual presentation technology allows you to view your new roof from the top of an image of your home. This will allow you to decide if it is right for you. Virtual presentation technology allows you to view photos of different roof styles and colors to help you make an informed decision.

Downloadable apps

It’s easy to communicate with your roofing company via text messages and the advent of apps for almost everything. All you have to do is download the app on your phone or tablet and you’re good to go.

Drone use

Although not all roofing companies have adopted drone technology yet, it is rapidly gaining popularity for taking aerial photos, collecting data for measurement and application, and troubleshooting potential problems before starting work. Drone technology can help clients and professionals stay safe and reduce the chance of falling from your roof.

New roof materials technologies

Both roofing materials and construction companies have been looking for ways to make their products and install practices more efficient to bring cost-savings to homeowners. These are some of the most innovative materials and installations practices:

  1. Cool roofs A cool roof keeps temperatures cool and manageable even in hotter areas. They are made of materials that reflect and absorb the sun’s heat. They are lighter than traditional roof materials and are intended to counter electromagnetic energy that is emitted by a roof that is too reflective or absorbs too much heat. This green initiative can help homeowners save hundreds of dollars each year on energy costs.
  2. Green roofs – A green roof is made up of layers of vegetation and waterproofing elements. This helps to keep the structure strong and long-lasting. If properly maintained, green roofs can also absorb excess rainwater and keep your home cool and comfortable.
  3. Solar roofs – Solar roofing not only looks great and lasts a long time, but also provides its own energy source. Solar roofs can save homeowners a lot of energy and help reduce the carbon footprint of a home. Solar roofing is being promoted by many companies to help reduce energy consumption and provide clean, greener energy for everyone.
  4. Metal roofs – Metal roofing is now available for residential roofs. Originally thought to be only suitable for sheds and barns, Metal roofs are now being used in residential roofing. A wide range of colors and designs allow for a customized look that is both durable and economical. Combining layers of insulation with metal roofing can create a highly energy-efficient system that will last decades with proper care.

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