Roof Leak Repair Tampa FL

Roof Leak Repair Tampa FL

Roof Leak Repair Tampa FL

Roof leaks can be difficult to locate, costly to repair, and can even pose a danger to the livability and safety of your home. You should therefore locate the leaky roof area and repair it quickly to prevent further damage to your property. If the roof leak is severe or you cannot fix it yourself, Kennedy Roofing can help you. Here’s how to find out if your roof is leaking and what you can do to fix it before it gets worse. Looking for roof leak repair in Tampa FL? Kennedy has got you covered!

Introduction to this Roof Leak Repair Guide

You may have noticed water stains or water running down your walls if your roof is leaking. Do not panic or be too worried about a minor roof leak. You may be able to repair it yourself. The hard part of finding the leak is easy, but the actual repair can be very simple.

If you have recently been affected by severe weather or natural disasters like tornadoes, storms, or hurricanes, it is important to inspect your roof for any signs of damage. Even the smallest hailstones can cause roof hail damage and a leaky roof. Even if your home was spared major damage, minor roof leaks can still be difficult to spot even for experts. It is also important to know what type of roof you have.

This information will help you decide if repairing a leak is worthwhile or if a new roofing is necessary. You probably know by now that your roof needs to be checked out by experts in the event of a major disaster or visible wind damage.

If you have noticed any of the minor signs we have listed, you should examine the situation further to determine what the next steps are regarding your roof leak and repair.

 Signs You Might Have a Roof Leak


  1. Are you seeing water spots on your ceiling? Especially if they have been there after a storm or significant rainfall? Leakage from the ceiling or small water spots may be an early sign of leaks.
  2. Do you see damp spots around the fireplace, interior air vents and ceiling?
  3. Does the drywall and paint around light fixtures, electrical outlets, or other drywall seem damp or wet?
  4. Are you hearing strange dripping sounds in your home?
  5. Do you notice a musty odor in your home, particularly in the attic and on the upper floors?
  6. Are you seeing interior paint peeling off, bubbling or being affected by hard rains?
  7. Are there water spots on your roof sheathing or rafters in your attic?


Roof Leak Warning Signs


  1. Are there shingles lying around in your yard?
  2. Are your shingles curling or buckling?
  3. Are you seeing roof rot or extremely discolored or degraded shingles?
  4. Have you noticed any changes in the appearance or color of your roof?
  5. Are there exposed nails or loose nails on your roof?
  6. Are there cracked or damaged flashings around your roof vents
  7. What about your chimney? Are there any cracked sealants?
  8. Are there any debris piles around your chimney, in the valleys of your roof or at lower points?
  9. Are your gutters or downspouts clogged?
  10. Are there any peeling paints or rotting areas beneath your roof’s eaves?
  11. Are there any shingle granules or other debris in the gutters?
  12. You should remove any moss or mold from your exterior walls, especially if it seems to be growing.

If you have noticed any of these signs then you should contact us immediately. Here at Kennedy Roofing we are experts in roof leak repair in Tampa FL. Contact us today to schedule one of our roofing experts to come out and evaluate your roofing situation. 

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