Home Inspection Vs Roof Inspection

Home Inspection Vs Roof Inspection

Home Inspection Vs Roof Inspection

There are differences between a Home Inspection a Roof Inspection. A Home Inspection typically refers to the pre-sale inspection of the home by a non-related third party. A Roof Inspection typically refers to the pre-sale inspection of the roof by a roofing contractor, which is usually recommended by the real estate agent. 

In most cases, a Home Inspection involves an inspection of the roof and other areas of the home. However, the purpose of this inspection is to pinpoint problems with the home before they become too big to repair or replace. When it comes to the roof, the home inspector will look for signs of leakage, mildew, and deterioration. He may also check the attic for signs of water damage, leaky pipes, or similar problems.

Home inspectors will use a checklist in order to identify the problem areas of your home. This is why it’s important to have a home inspection done by a licensed professional home inspector, not just anyone who claims to be an expert home inspector. You can ask the real estate agent if he/she can recommend a home inspector that has experience in inspecting homes like yours.

During a Home Inspection, a home inspector may also do a visual examination of the attic, basement, and areas below the surface of the home. He/She may also take photos of any damaged areas of the home. During the Roof inspection, a home inspector may also check areas where the roof is leaking, buckling, or becoming distorted. The purpose of the roofing inspection is to identify areas of weakness that would allow the roof to easily collapse. These weak spots are then marked on the home inspection report.

It’s extremely important to know how your roof is constructed. A roof inspector can spot problems with the flashing around windows, or loose shingles on the roof. Most home inspectors inspect the foundation of the home and the structural integrity of the walls. This is very important, as your foundation can weaken over time, allowing water damage to your home.

Home inspections should be a regular part of your property maintenance plan. Even if you’ve bought a home with no warranty, you should still have your home inspected for any small repairs or signs of wear and tear. When doing a home inspection, make sure to have all of your inspectors/examiners sign off on the report, especially when dealing with structural defects. If one inspector doesn’t find anything major to worry about, then another should be called in to check things again. After all, it’s better to spend a few extra dollars on a home inspection service than to have major structural repairs done for free! If you are looking for a free roof inspection then contact us today! 

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