You can trust Central Florida’s best roofing contractor with your roof and your rain gutters! Kennedy Roofing (formerly Kennedy Construction Groups/KCG Roofing) can install customized, seamless rain gutters! Seamless rain gutters, also known as continuous or seamless gutters, offer several advantages over traditional sectional gutters that...

Online tutorials and videos are helping homeowners make DIY projects more popular. DIY roofing is a popular option for many homeowners but there are many roofing hazards. Some homeowners enjoy the financial savings, while others prefer to try something different. No matter what your reasons, it is crucial to consider all the potential roofing risks before you climb on top of a roof. 

You just got the mail from your local mailman and immediately thought about how energy-efficient roofing materials are missing from your life. You don't want to go to your mailbox, but you do have to. These past months have been extremely hot. To keep your electricity cool, you've had to turn down the temperature at least half of the time. The meter readings will reveal that you used significantly more energy during summer months than usual. You open your mailbox to find your electric bill. It is, as expected, very high when you open it. How can you get some relief from this heatwave? Your current roof could be responsible for much of the energy loss.