Roof Creaking

People are often unable to afford replacing an old roof and often put it off for a later date. This can increase the cost of a roof replacement the longer you wait. To help you determine how much it would cost replacing an old roof, the first thing you should do is to find out the estimated cost.

While common in most homes, creaking, popping and wheezing sounds can be disturbing when you lie in bed at night trying not to fall asleep. Ask your roof why it is making so many terrible noises. These are two common causes of roof creaking.

Nighttime creaking sounds

Cooler temperatures can cause creaking, wheezing and popping sounds at night. The attic doesn't receive any heating or air conditioning so the wood frame is subject to temperature changes at night, when temperatures are typically lower than during the day. The wood expands during the day and contracts at night to make strange sounds at night. The creaking sound can be caused by the wood contracting. Although annoying and occasionally startling, creaking and popping sounds are not to be worried about. These sounds do not mean that your roof is in danger of falling or breaking. Proper insulation can help reduce or eliminate noises that keep you awake at night. When temperatures change, spray insulation can be added to the attic ceiling to stabilize the wood frame.