Belfries In Roofing


Belfries In Roofing

Most people are fascinated by ancient buildings, especially when they consider how they were built with primitive tools. It is a testament to humanity’s ingenuity and determination to conquer adversity. Many architectural features that we see today, as well as those found on old buildings, were created for a specific purpose. Today we will be looking at one: belfries. We will also examine the role roofs play in belfries.

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What is a Belfry?

A bell tower’s top is called a belfry. It houses bells. Bells have been around over 4000 years. They were invented by the ancient Chinese. Bells have traditionally been used to communicate, telling people to meet for church, to notify them of an emergency or to announce someone’s death. Bells were also used to indicate the passage of time. The bell ringing at the beginning of each hour signifies that the bell is rung once for one o’clock, twice for two o’clock, and so on.

As bells were important in religion, priests wore bells on the robes they wore according to the Book of Exodus in Christianity’s Bible. Buddhists use bells in religious ceremonies. Most Hindu temples have a bell. The ancient Romans used bells to announce the hour of bathing. They were also hung on cattle and sheep so that they could be found in case they got lost. Bells were rung at weddings as a way to bless the couple, and bring them much joy.

Bell Towers and Roofing

Bell towers and belfries being so high pose a challenge for builders. Hanging bells that are larger than most are made of metal is difficult. It must be enclosed once it is hung. Bell towers were created to be the most beautiful and elaborate places in churches, which was common during the Middle Ages. There is no one universal design and every bell tower that you see today will be different.

Belfrie Difficulty

Roofers face a challenge when building a bell tower. They must keep enough space open for the bell to ring, while also providing sufficient support from the roofers to prevent it from falling. To hold the bell, you need to use heavy-duty wood (steel in modern bell towers). Bells can also rust because they are made of metal. Most bells were made from bronze at first, and this material requires very little maintenance. The bell tower is susceptible to deterioration, so it needs to be maintained to keep its sound from ringing.

Bell tower maintenance is similar to roof maintenance. Regular roof inspections, roof repairs and regular maintenance can make belfries last a long time.

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