10 Common Ways Roofs Sustain Damage in the Fall

10 Common Ways Roofs Sustain Damage in the Fall

10 Common Ways Roofs Sustain Damage in the Fall

Your roof can be damaged by strong winds or falling debris. Although you might not notice it at first, roof damage can be very serious. Roof damage can cause more serious problems that could threaten the stability of your home. Fall and winter are here so it’s important that you are aware of the potential damage to your roof this season. You don’t want to ignore any damage. Roof damage that isn’t addressed immediately can cause more damage to your home and roof. Find out more about the ten most common ways roofs sustain damage.

Ten Possible Causes of Roof Damage

You’re not the only one concerned about your roof’s potential damage in the fall. Many homeowners are worried that their roofs will be damaged by weather and other roof threats. Here are ten common ways roofs sustain damage in the fall.

1. Gutters that are blocked or backed up

As we all know, trees shed their leaves in the fall months. These leaves can end up all over. Clogged gutters can lead to damage to your roof from fallen leaves and other debris.

If gutters become blocked, water damage can occur to roof eaves and fascia boards. This is why many homeowners need roof leak repair services. This can be avoided by having your gutters cleaned at least once per year.

2. Storm and Wind Damage

Florida’s extreme winds and storms can cause damage to your roof year-round. Wind damage can cause shingles to be blown off, bent over or even loosened. Even with highly wind-resistant shingles damage can occur over time.

Strong winds can cause tree branches nearby to damage your roof and fall onto it. Florida is prone to storms that blow at wind speeds exceeding 50 mph. These storms can cause damage to your roof. This is one of the most common ways roofs sustain damage.

3. Roof Flashing Failure

Roof repair is necessary if your roof’s flashing begins to fail. Roof flashing, roofing cement, drip edge and flashing all seal your roof in the most vulnerable places and protect it from potential leaks. Your roof can be damaged if this flashing is lost, blows off or cracks.

4. UV Light Exposure

You may see signs of UV damage if you have a roof made of shingle. The UV rays from Florida can be strong even in the fall. This UV light exposure can eventually cause your roof’s roofing shingles to lose their color and strength. If your roof’s shingles are all fading, it could be time to replace the entire roof.

5. Roof Debris

Over accumulation of debris on your roof can lead to damage and water damage. Things like leaves, dirt, sticks, and other debris can build up and cause water to puddle, causing moisture to build up. Roof decay can result from excessive moisture.

Trees, branches and other debris can cause roof damage by actually causing structural damage. These situations are most common during severe thunderstorms and hurricanes.

6. Water and Moisture Damage

Water and moisture are another major cause of roof damage during the fall. Water and moisture can cause roof damage by traveling uphill or sideways against your roof shingles. This can cause water damage and allow water to enter roof openings. Moisture damage can also occur around vents, chimneys, and valleys in the roof.

If your roof is experiencing moisture damage or leaks, it is important to contact roof repair professionals immediately. If left untreated, this moisture buildup can cause damage to the roof deck and weaken its stability. In the end, a complete roof replacement is necessary.

7. Poor Installation

Poor installation is one of the main causes of roof damage, no matter what season. Poorly installed roofs are more likely to sustain future damage. It is important to have your roof replaced by experienced professionals.

A skilled roofing contractor will install your roof using top-quality materials and the best installation techniques. A reputable roofing company will install your roof correctly, making it less likely that you’ll need to repair your roof.

8. Excessive heat

While fall is approaching, it may be tempting to think of cooler weather. However, if you live here, Florida still experiences extreme heat all year. The constant heat can cause roof damage. Although high-grade roofing shingles have a greater heat tolerance than other materials. However, all roofing shingles can be damaged by heat.

Extreme heat and temperature fluctuations can lead to roof damage and asphalt melt. If there isn’t an underlayment, heat can cause shingles to stick to the roof deck. Heat can cause your roofing shingles to become stuck to the roof deck, which can lead to lower energy efficiency.

9. Inadequacy of maintenance

Lack of maintenance is a common reason for roofing damage in any season. If your roof isn’t properly maintained or doesn’t receive an annual inspection, it is more susceptible to damage throughout the year. It is essential to hire a professional roofing company to inspect your roof, clean it, and then repair it if needed.

10. Ridge Cap Failure

The ridge caps on your roof are exposed to the most wind of all components. Because they can withstand the constant wind, they are more susceptible to damage, even in the fall. If left untreated, roof leaks can occur if the ridge caps are damaged.

Are you looking for Fall Weather and Other Causes?

These signs can indicate that your roof may have suffered damage from falling debris, bad installation, or fall weather.

  • Broken or missing Shingles
  • Broken or missing tiles
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Hanging gutters or fallen
  • Fascia or rotting wood
  • Nail pops
  • Roof debris

Expert repair services can usually resolve roofing problems caused by extreme weather. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to fix any issues they find if they are done quickly. If your roof is severely damaged or has been neglected for too long, a complete replacement may be necessary.

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