Why We Love Tile Roofing

Why We Love Tile Roofing

Why We Love Tile Roofing

We almost always recommend cement tile roofing when homeowners ask us which roofing material we prefer. It has many great qualities, including its durability, aesthetic appeal, and many benefits. Here are some reasons why we love tile roofing and why it is a great choice for your home.

There Are So Many Styles

You can find tile roofing that complements any architecture and no matter the color. Tile roofing can be tiled in any color you like. There are many ways to show off your roof, whether you choose clay or cement tile roofing. Tile adds curb appeal to your home and it is a big reason why we love tile roofing!

Wind, Hail, and Fire Resistant

Although asphalt roofing is becoming more resilient to wind and impact, there are still many benefits to tile roofing. Your roof can withstand winds of up to 150mph when installed correctly by a roofing contractor following the Tile Roofing Institute’s recommendations. This is almost as strong as a Category 4 hurricane. Your tile roof can withstand hailstones as large as golf balls. They are also fire-resistant to Class A, so any spark from your firepit won’t ignite them.

Environmentally Friendly

Tile roofing is more eco-friendly than other roofing materials in a number of ways. They can be recycled at the end of their life, which is 2 to 4 times more than an asphalt shingle roof. This means that you will save significant space in a landfill. They are also naturally insulative, so you can reduce heating and cooling costs. Many of them meet the requirements for both LEED and ENERGY STAR (r) certifications. They don’t use up natural resources as other roofing materials.

KCG Roofing has certified teams to properly install, repair, and maintain clay and cement tiles roofing. We offer complete inspections to determine if a new roof is right for you. If your roof needs extra support because of the weight difference between tiles and other roofing materials, we can also make these improvements. For a free estimate on a roof replacement for tile or any other roofing material, call us today!

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