How Long Does it Take To Install a New Roof?

How Long Does it Take To Install a New Roof?

How Long Does it Take To Install a New Roof?

The installation and replacement of your new roof in Florida is a complex task that often requires several days of work. The amount of labor and time that’s required often comes down to the size of the roof, the weather at the time of the construction, the availability of materials, and the personnel that you are working with. Your home’s roof is an integral part of the entire structure to it’s important to get it replaced as soon as possible. Knowing what to prepare for through the repair process is an important step to giving you peace of mind and making sure that you’ll be able to get a proper replacement for your roofing system. Here are some rough estimates if you are asking the question… how long does it will take to install a new roof?

Basic flat roofs off take up to five working days on a commercial building.

The new replacement of a shingle roof will take up to four working days for a larger home.

New replacement for tile roofs can take up to eight working days due to the complexity of the materials.

A new replacement of a metal roof will take up to 12 working days to complete.

The type of roof can play a big factor in the total number of working hours that it will take to get the roof set up and the complexity of the roof will also change the average completion time. Other factors that change the length of time that it takes to install a new roof include:

The Weather

Extreme winds and rain can sometimes be dangerous to the health of workers and the weather in Florida can often be very unpredictable during storm seasons. We will stay in consistent touch with you through the process of your roofing job and make sure that we are monitoring the weather. We want to deliver efficient use of timing and ensure that you can get your installation completed in a timely manner.

Our Availability

The availability of materials and the crew can also play a big factor in when your roofing job will be completed. Roofing tiles and materials are not always in stock and sometimes there is a large backlog in lead time and supply chain. Deliveries and manufacturing on roofing materials can sometimes take a bit longer than expected and due to these delays, you can sometimes see installation issues with your home roof. 


Revision can also add to the overall length of a roofing job. An inspector may require a third-party engineer to verify site conditions when coordinating with certain building materials. New roof installations can be delayed several times with these types of estimates. 

At KCG roofing it is our goal to offer the best lead times in the industry for your roofing needs. We want to offer fast service and support to anyone who is in need of a quality roofing job throughout Florida. If you are ready to get a new roof, contact us today to talk to our staff!

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