Cleaning Your Roof in Florida

Cleaning Your Roof in Florida

Cleaning Your Roof in Florida

Cleaning your Florida roof is important to keep it healthy and attractive. If you are going on vacation, you might not want this chore hanging over you. You may want to take a few extra days or weeks off from roof cleaning and organizing your Florida vacation plans. But if you need to get this job done, then here are some ways that you can clean your Florida roof without damaging it more than it already is.

1) Plan your cleaning for the fall and winter

To start, make sure that you have enough time on hand to plan for the project. You might perform the cleaning tasks on the weekend, but scheduling them during work hours will mean spending less time in the office and more at home.

If you have a family, then you can plan on spending more time with them. Try to schedule your cleaning for a time when your spouse/family is not likely to be working or out of the house. If you have to hire someone to help, make sure this person has enough free time and gets the job done without stressing yourself out.

In addition, if it is going to be winter, then consider hiring help during the warm months of May through September. The average cost of hiring a contractor can range between $200-$500 for this type of job.

Your contractor will need to have a new roof cleaning service provider and all of the necessary equipment. If you see that one of your skylights is leaking, you can plan to replace it during the winter.

2) Clean your roof from the ground

You can also clean your Florida roof from the ground without having to use a ladder. You will need a small, 6-inch wide scraper and a bucket of soapy water. The scraper should be able to scrape the grime off of your shingles without causing any damage. After scrubbing, rinse the roof with a garden hose or power washer filled with soapy water.

Consider using a ground sprayer instead of dragging your hose over the roof. If you use your hose, make sure you have an attachment to reduce the amount of water flowing over the roof while still rinsing it.

3) Do not clean your Florida roof if there is a chance of rain

If you are planning to clean your Florida roof, do not plan to do so if there is any chance of rain. The rain can create a slippery slick surface, and you do not want to put yourself in danger to clean your Florida roof.

4) Clean your roof from the top down

You can also plan on using an extension ladder to clean any parts of your roof that are still visible but not very accessible. You should also remove as many of the scrapes and stains from the flat part of your roof as possible.

If you have a very flat roof, then you can simply leave it alone. This will prevent any damage to the shingles, and it will eliminate the need for scraping the roof. However, you may want to consider cleaning the flat roof because of discoloration.

5) Cleaning your windows demands specific caution

If you have a large Bay window, then you might want to remove it from the roof first. It is much easier for someone to clean and organize your Florida home if they are not trying to balance on top of the roof at all times. If there is any risk that a child could fall through the glass or that the person working cannot handle the weight alone, then take caution before cleaning in this area.

The larger the window, the more work it will be to keep yourself balanced while cleaning it. In addition, if you have a large window, then there might be more weight that is going to be resting on your roof.

6) Check for broken or damaged elements

While you are removing tiles, check for any loose or broken tiles and replace them. The more damaged your roof is in certain areas, the harder it will be for someone to clean that area without pausing. If you plan to remove a skylight, then make sure that you have a new or repaired one on hand.

7) Look out for mold and mildew

There is the possibility that your roof is more damaged in certain areas than others. To help prevent mold and other discoloration, check for these elements while cleaning your Florida roof. You may also want to consider replacing some of the shingles before you take any risks with your home.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can clean your Florida roof without having to take off from work and family time. Plus, cleaning your Florida roof in the fall or winter is also much easier than cleaning it during warm summer months when temperatures soar and humidity is high.

If you need to hire someone to clean your Florida roof, and then make sure you have enough time on hand. Try not to plan the cleaning for a time that is stressful or overwhelming on your end.

This way, you will have more time to relax during your off-time and get more done with the rest of your schedule. If you have never hired anyone to clean your Florida roof before, then consider hiring an expert that is qualified in this area. If you are interested in hiring an expert contact us today!

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