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WHY KCG Roofing

KCG Roofing has been family owned and operated for over 40 years! At KCG you are our number one priority from the moment you call us to the time your project is complete. When you choose one of our Owens Corning roofs, we back it with a 50-Year Platinum Warranty that includes materials and labor. In addition, we are so confident in our workmanship that we also give you an in-house leak 15-year guarantee as well. If You’re looking for an Ellenton roofing company, we will cover your home with a beautiful roof, but most importantly, we got you covered.

Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractors are the top tier of their exclusive network and meet strict standards for professionalism, reliability, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Only they can offer our best roofing system warranty.

How Roofing Services by the KCG Can Help Your Home

KCG is a professional association dedicated to providing its members with opportunities for professional advancement and networking. There is a list of roof repair specialists and designers available through the KCG that may have additional information pertaining to the services that they provide. For individuals interested in improving their own homes and businesses, the services of a qualified roof contractor can be invaluable.

Roof repair is one of the most vital aspects of property management. When roofs fail, they often do so rapidly and unexpectedly, leaving homeowners with the task of repairing their roofs without the benefit of time or money. Roofing contractors, on the other hand, are highly trained professionals that are able to fix many different types of roofing problems. The services that they provide are available to all homeowners in the area. Whether you require residential or commercial roofing services, the KCG can help.

One of the services offered by the KCG is commercial roofing. This service encompasses all phases of the building construction process from site preparation to the repair of any damaged parts. The experts at the KCG have experience working with both residential and commercial clients. They can help with all aspects of the roofing structure, including but not limited to, repairing a single shingle, extending a roof, installing insulation, and selecting a sealant. They even offer fast turnarounds in case of emergency.

The list of services offered by the Kansas City General Contractors’ Group, although extensive, is not exhaustive. Other services that are commonly offered by qualified Roof Repair specialists are the installation of shingles and gutter protection systems, cleaning, repair of leaky gutters, installation of awnings, and replacement of broken or damaged shingles. In terms of replacement, if the material has disintegrated and is no longer guaranteed to last, a Roofing Repair specialist will be able to give you a quote on how much it will cost to replace your existing roof. If the existing roof has structural damage, the KCG can also offer a quote for repairing or replacing your existing roof.

In terms of residential roofs, the KCG offers a full range of services from repairing single-ply and multi-ply composite shingles, asphalt repairs, and commercial roof repair and improvement. It also provides services such as inspection and repair of metal roofing. For residential customers, repair and inspection of the roof are important in avoiding future damage. The inspection should include looking for signs of deterioration such as loose shingles, missing or rusted shingles, missing fiberglass in the roof, or signs of rot such as hot spots and mold growth. The inspection should also look into the attic to find out if the ceiling may need repair.

Roofing and repair services offered by the Roofing and Building company in Ellenton, Florida are made possible through a partnership with some of the best Roofing contractors in the country. The partnership allows them to provide customers with the highest quality in workmanship, along with all the convenience of choosing from a large variety of materials. They can install your roofs, repair any damages, and offer a guarantee for your work. The Roofing and Building Company in Ellenton, Florida are committed to providing the highest quality to its clients. Contact them today to learn more about their residential and commercial roofing services.

At KCG Roofing we use the latest technology to ensure the repairs are done correctly and will only use the highest quality of materials to avoid any further problems for you or your home. If you are looking to get your roof repaired or replaced, contact KCG Roofing today for a free roof estimate. We have been the trusted roofing company for over 40 years and we back it with our 50 platinum year warranty. 


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