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Bradenton Roofing

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Why KCG Roofing

KCG Roofing has been family owned and operated for over 40 years! At KCG you are our number one priority from the moment you call us to the time your project is complete. When you choose one of our Owens Corning roofs, we back it with a 50-Year Platinum Warranty that includes materials and labor. In addition, we are so confident in our workmanship that we also give you an in-house leak 15-year guarantee as well. If you’re looking for a Bradenton Roofing Company, we will cover your home with a beautiful roof, but most importantly, we got you covered.

Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractors are the top tier of their exclusive network and meet strict standards for professionalism, reliability, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Only they can offer our best roofing system warranty.

The Best Bradenton Roofing Company

KCG roofing earned a great reputation as one of the best Florida roofing companies. KCG Roofing offers quality services at competitive prices to customers that demand top-notch quality work and customer satisfaction. 

There are many things to consider when choosing a roofing company. There are also many customer services and quality expectations that should be considered. We at KCG Roofing believe it is important to understand that Bradenton is a very diverse community, filled with many different types of families who have different needs. In keeping with this diversity, we offer many different types of roofing systems designed to meet the needs of each family, no matter what their style or taste might be. Below, you will find information that will help you make an informed choice when choosing the best Bradenton roofing company for your home or business.

The first thing that you should consider when trying to choose a Bradenton roofing company, is a customer testimonial from a local professional who has previously had the service done. A good customer testimonial will show you that the company is committed to providing a quality job and that the installation was completed efficiently and properly. 

Another important consideration when selecting a Bradenton roofing company is the quality of workmanship or lack thereof. For example, Bradenton is home to a number of skilled craftsmen, who spend countless hours perfecting their skills to make sure that their work is of the highest quality. A skilled craftsman will know exactly how to install your new roof in the safest manner possible and will never compromise the quality of his work in order to save time or money. 

Perhaps the most important thing that you should take into consideration when trying to select a Bradenton Florida roofing company, is the licensing requirements that each of the Bradenton Florida roofing companies must follow. Each of the roofing companies must be licensed in order to service the State of Florida, in order to ensure that they are following all of the right regulations and statutes that are set forth by the state. 

At KCG Roofing we use the latest technology to ensure the repairs are done correctly and will only use the highest quality of materials to avoid any further problems for you or your home. If you are looking to get your roof repaired or replaced, contact KCG Roofing today for a free roof estimate. We have been the trusted roofing company for over 40 years and we back it with our 50 platinum year warranty.

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