Materials to Consider for Your Flat Roof

Materials to Consider for Your Flat Roof

Materials to Consider for Your Flat Roof

A lot of people don’t know this, but your roof is arguably the most important part of your house. Well, after the foundation, anyways. And while you could go with any number of materials for a roof, there are 3 materials to consider for your flat roof more than others: metal roofs, single-ply membrane roofs, and tile roofs. We’re going to break down each one so that you can make an informed decision regarding what might be best for your roof.

Metal Roofs are not a bad choice, but not every roofer thinks this way. Metal roofs will last 20-30 years and can reduce your energy costs by 20-75%. That’s a pretty awesome benefit, no matter how you look at it. But the truth of the matter is that metal roofs are not maintenance-free. They will start to corrode after 3-5 years and require regular maintenance to avoid problems such as small holes forming on them from wind, bird droppings, or even ice dams.

That’s where the other 2 choices come in

Single-ply Membrane roofs are a great way to go since they last 20-30 years and also reduce energy costs by an average of 15%. These are better than metal roofs because there isn’t periodic maintenance required. All you need to do is keep up with annual inspections, and all will be well for about 25 years, give or take.

Tile roofs, on the other hand, offer a different kind of benefit from single-ply membranes. While they won’t reduce your energy costs as much, tile roofs are about 2 times more durable than other options. Instead of getting 20-30 years, a well-maintained tile roof will last you 40-50 years. 

That’s impressive! Also, a lot of people prefer these over metal or single-ply membranes since they look much better and can increase the value and curb appeal of your home if you decide to sell it one day.

So what’s the best choice between those?

It basically boils down to a matter of aesthetics and durability. If your home is recently built and you want something that looks great, then choose tile roofs. On the other hand, if you’re going for something with a long lifespan that will contribute to your home’s curb appeal, then metal roofs are the way to go.

Which one do I choose? That’ll depend on how you want your roof to look as it ages

Well, there is one other option you could consider: metal roofs with a single-ply membrane on top of them. A common misconception in regards to this is that they are a combination of both options and are therefore still more durable than non-combined metal roofs.

That’s not the case, however. You will get the benefits of the durability of tile roofs, and those come from single-ply membranes. That being said, they have an aesthetic benefit that metal roofs do not. That’s why they’re still the best single-ply membrane option out there.

So how do I choose the right material for my roof?

Well, first, you’ll need a roof inspection from a professional or someone knowledgeable in these kinds of tasks. Do your research online and talk to your neighbors so that you get a good idea of the most common issues in regards to roofs from their experiences. Then you can make a decision based on that.

Not every roof is the same, so your best bet is to contact your local roofing contractor. It will be the quickest and easiest way to get that information for you. You also might want to check out your area’s construction codes beforehand so that you know what kind of roof system is acceptable in the area you live in.

If you are looking to upgrade your roof, but need some advice, then our roofers have the right skill-set to guide you in the right direction. We also offer free quotes, so there is no obligation on your end. Contact us today to speak with a team member! we will help you make a decision when looking at materials to consider for your flat roof.

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